The lingerie is not only an important conquer and seduce the couple factor; also helps us feel sexy, confident and raise our self-esteem. There are a variety of styles and designs to incorporate your look sexy underwear. Look at the 5 ways to be fashionable with your lingerie!

your lingerie

No. 5 Armar a set

Sometimes we separated underwear garments, right? However, when thinking about a sexy lingerie to wear with your partner is not a good option to have underwear with different patterns or colors. Weapon set with your clothes so that the display look attractive, uniform and tidy and to feel fabulous.

# 4 Use lace

Lace is the main trend for sexy lingerie. From a body Chiffon lace details set up a super sexy, lace gives it a sexy, suggestive and sensual touch to your look. You can also opt for lingerie in other textures like satin or combined use.

No. 3 Animarte to brace or body

The corset is a garment great because it helps to raise the self-esteem and makes us look incredible figure. Ideal for a wild night of passion, the corset is a garment super fashionable to incorporate your looks. The body is a more comfortable garment corset and a super sexy to feel more attractive alternative.


# 2 Think about colors

The sexiest for a night of passion colors are black, red and white. But you can also combine patterned lingerie or alive and strong colors like pink, blue or green. Keep in mind the look and occasion for which you will use the lingerie and so able to choose one that makes you feel attractive at that time. For example, if you expect a night of passionate sex definitely red or black are the best colors. If you plan a romantic and relaxed meeting you can choose any lingerie with lace in pastel colors for a sexy and feminine look.


No. 1 Putting attitude

The important thing to see fashionable and sexy lingerie is put the attitude and confidence. If you choose the best item for the occasion and you like how it looks on your body, it will make you look fabulous instantly. The attitude is essential to see attractive, sexy and fashionable. When buying lingerie choose clothes that you find comfortable and benefit your body type. Follow these tips to feel pretty and dazzle your guy with the lingerie!