If you have studied fashion design or are interested in this industry, you probably have ideas for a line of accessories, including clothing or clothes. Like most aspiring fashion designers, want to find a buyer for your designs and achieve success and notoriety in the industry. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to have a great idea in his head. The fashion industry is intensely competitive and is results-oriented. However, with a lot of hard work and patience, you’ll be able to achieve success and recognition you seek.


Sell ​​your idea of ​​fashion

Draw your idea on paper. You can not sell an idea that you simply have your head spinning. If you are not able to convey your vision in a professional and artistic way, hire an artist to recreate your idea on paper. Make sure your drawings are so detailed as possible.

idea of ​​fashion

Apply for a patent if you have an idea for a fashion product that is truly unique. Without a patent, your idea is a legitimate target for anyone who wishes to replicate. Unfortunately, ideas alone can not be patented. You must create a prototype of your product and explain why it is unique and deserving of patent protection to request one. If you are considering a patent application, you should consult a licensed attorney because the process is quite complex. For more information on the patenting process, please click on the “U.S. Patent Office” link in the “Resources” section below. If you successfully get a patent, you can license your product to fashion designers and retail stores for a fee.
Contact fashion brands, large and small, as well as shops and boutiques. If your idea is patentable or not you choose to apply for a patent, requests to establish a session with the design department of the mark or the buyer of a boutique to display your designs. A brand can hire independently to create designs for their line based on your idea. The disadvantage of this option is that you may have to give up all rights and royalties on the finished product. Note that this type of agreement is rare, especially if you are a new or unknown designer.

Ten sample garments produced based on your designs and comercialízalas in boutiques and distributors. Most retail stores will not be given the task of producing garments based solely on the idea of ​​a designer or a sketch. In this situation, you would have to hire a manufacturer to produce garments on demand in the event that a shop make one of your design.