A flattering pair of earrings can be an easy way to look fashionable. The earrings can draw attention away from the messy hair or tired eyes, creating the impression of a polished appearance.

Although individual style and trends may influence the preference for earrings, uses basic knowledge of the shape of your face to choose new jewelry. 

Some of you might be able to tell your face shape just from looking at this chart. Play with several inexpensive styles to enhance the proportions and the natural beauty of your face shape.

face shape


1.) Create the illusion of length on a round face looking long and dangling earrings. The ideal couple has a rectangular shape and ends slightly below the chin to achieve the slimming effect.

Avoid small round hoops or studs (earrings ball), which can draw attention to the sides of the face and make it look wider.

2.) Transform a rectangular face in a classic oval choosing a flattering pair of small earrings. The ball earrings small tear or attract the attention of the eye to the center of the face creating the impression of a gently rounded chin.

Avoid earrings chandelier or candelabra, which draw attention to the wide bottom of the face.

3.) Adds depth to the bottom of a narrow chin buying a stylized spider or chandelier earrings, or rings.

People with heart-shaped faces or narrow faces should try to add volume to the chin widths and hanging choosing styles. Avoid narrow teardrop earrings that extend beyond the chin and chin can make them look longer and more pointed.

4.) At Oval shaped faces are favored almost any style of earring, including ball earrings, chandelier or hoops.

Individuals blessed with highly symmetrical oval features can buy jewelry according to their personal preferences and trends. Try earrings longer than your chin to achieve the best effect.