Start a retailer of women’s shoes may seem too big. It is a competitive industry, but it is a fairly simple business to start (in fact there are no strict government guidelines to start this kind of business). If you love shoes, accessories and trends , and you easily for business, you could have your own retailer of women’s shoes.


Choose the location of your store carefully. Depending on how small or large you want it to be at the start of the home will be one size or another. Need room for storage, retail, accessories , space walk, bathrooms, parking, and of course, shoes. Choose a place that is lit and which can be reached by car or foot. It should be a large enough place for your business and be a place that people can easily see and reach.

women's shoes

Think what kind of shoes you want to sell in your store. Creates a line of shoes you want to sell as your target market. If you are starting your store in a rich area you should sell Guccis, Manolos, Louis Vuitton and Channel brands. If you’re starting on a more modest area you will probably prefer to adhere to more affordable shoes. Select new designers might be best for you. Depends on the type of customers who will frequent your store.
Buy shoes to sell in your store wholesalers. In the Resources box is a link to Central Wholesalers where are listed all the wholesale shoe stores. Some shoes will have to choose daily, dress, sport , boots, heels, platforms, career and marriage. Need shoes with categories for you to please the greatest number of potential customers coming into your store. The weather, the trends of fashion and your customers preferences also affect what you choose.


Keep an inventory. Keep track of the stock you buy, where they buy, when they buy, how much you paid for, how much you sold and sold. You do need to know what is selling well and gives you benefits, and is gathering dust and costing you money. Having the inventory up to date will help you make big profits from your store of women’s shoes.