If the wholesale itself become really crazy, we do not want to get carried away and this year we are committed to a sale with head, so we do not end up regretting compulsive shopping these days.

This year, many brands have upfront rebates to encourage shopping days before Reyes, but officially kick off the Winter whole Sale yesterday,. Like many of you, yesterday I threw myself into the shops to do some shopping and I must confess that a sale has been quite productive.

wholesale fashion

But today I want to give a basic and essential tips to maximize rebates and not fill the closet of things then you will not put:

Buy for another season: this is the basic premise to go on sale. Do not think in the coming days, but in the coming months. To amortize the cost is essential best buy clothes ahead of the spring-summer season, brands make it easy as they draw a lot last year for this time of year, and even already thinking about autumn-winter 2013.

Hours: although many say and what to “get up early” to go rebates is old fashioned, if you want to avoid the madness of people in stores, long lines at testers and boxes and everything thrown on the floor, you have no other. Yesterday I could check in 12:30 and could not get into some stores. Although to avoid all this radically, it’s best to go for online sales . Online stores have already become saturated the first day, so I do not think there’s much problem.

The key is in basic is fine to follow fashion and be attentive to the latest trends, but these are usually temporary and eventually the accumulated running clothes just in the closet. It is best to go for your basic shopping discounts and become a solid wardrobe and varied.

Accessories and more accessories: is one of our goals for this year include more accessories in our looks to give a personal touch and different even when we focus on the same outfit. The rebates will be our allies to get it.

Clothing useful: many times the price is what makes us opt for some items, but … if you buy 20 things very cheap in the end you end up spending the same. It is essential you take clear what things are needed, or if you have something signed from early season go for it. Do not be swayed by labels.

What enjoy the sale!