The gala continues its course and demands, as already expected, are present in this edition. But we remain focused on the looks on the red carpet of the Awards Goya 2013 .

A red carpet as we said before it has been varied and that we are enjoying a lot.

varied red carpet

Nieves Alvarez has been one of the most acclaimed night with Stephan Rolland Haute Couturedress. A highly original piece in white and black with mermaid body and an impressive red flower on the chest. Admittedly, that it is impressive.

Maria Leon has appeared with her mother and brother on the red carpet, but his outfit interested us. A white Gucci dress with Greek air has been your choice. The dress is beautiful, but I think that the actress has spoiled it with his hairstyle. A hair loose natural waves or a romantic collected would have been much more successful.

It seems that romanticism wanted to take possession of the gala. Norma Ruiz also chose this type of look, although in his case, metallic dress don’t know if it has been most successful. I think that it has recharged too its styling with so much gold.

Actress Irene school has chosen a design of Blumarine in coral and orange with Rhinestones making a floral pattern.

Am I the only one who sees rare Ana Fernandez? I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been too long without seeing it in a photocall, but see very thin and very strange. That Yes, her look has earned much of court dress pink makeup siren.

The chameleonic Roko opted for the occasion by Roberto Verino . A straight design of the classic and successful black strapless.

The more daring night has been Adriana Ugarte. I think that it has been the only one who has opted for the short for the occasion, and so short, your choice has been a white minidress with metallic color applications.