Do you have any idea what beaded jewelry are? Well I am sure just from the sounds of it, you can give a good guess on what it is. If you thought that they are jewelry that are simply made from a staple of beads along with various other accessories than you are right. Beaded jewelry are amazing kinds of accessories that are made from beads, gems, gemstones, gold and silver. They are all mixed together to create a piece of jewelry that cannot be paralleled.

Finding Beaded Jewelry

Perhaps the next things that you are looking for after knowing what beaded jewelry are is where exactly you can find them. The common places is your local market or superstore. Most places carry these, however local stores will have them for less. You can also find higher quality beaded earrings at a jewelry store close to you as well. The thing about these stores is that they usually charge a much higher price than what you are used to. So be careful when you are getting jewelry from these stores. Whenever you are looking for jewelry you have to first check out several places to compare the prices and the quality of them. Doing this will give you the best quality all for a lower price.

Handmade Beaded Earrings

Yes, you can make these yourself. It might take a little bit of learning, but doing this yourself saves you a lot of money compared to buying them at the store. Michael’s or Jo-Ann will have all the materials necessary to get a project like this started. Other local chain stores may also carry some items related to making beaded earrings, however the selections may not be as much. Look to get ring of gold and silver to make the base and then have beads, gems and other smaller things to add onto the ring. Making it yourself also means another thing, you can choose which kind of color and other small things that you want. You may customize it however you like and if you ever want to change something you can do it yourself.

Another great thing about handmade beaded earrings is that other people also sell them. You have a professional person making these earrings and they are usually one-of-a-kind. This means that the earrings you buy are going to be the only pairs that will be around. No one else has the design, no one else has the elegance and beauty that you are currently wearing.