The emerald cut diamond is a stepped cut diamond, normally rectangular and initially developed for cutting emeralds; however, well-suited to other stones including diamonds. Generally, Emerald cut diamonds are stylish, but cost lower than the conventional “ round brilliant” or the present trendy “ princess cut” diamonds.

The shape of the Emerald cut Diamond

As the name suggest, the emerald cut was initially developed for emeralds cutting but not diamonds. Although the emerald gemstone is a quite hard stone, it is popular for many inclusions. The inclusions make it prone to breakage, making them hard to cut. The stepped, usually rectangular cut with emerald cut was developed to solve the problem.

Later, it was discovered that this type of cut was also suitable for diamonds. The emerald cut diamond can be stunning. Due to its long lines, it appears less fiery compared to a round brilliant cut. However, it also appears to have broader, more striking flash of light. The emerald cut diamond trim lines lend a stylish, classy air to both the most elaborate and simplest ring settings.

Selecting an emerald cut diamond

When buying an emerald cut diamond, it is very important to observe quality and to choose the top grade stone you can pay for. Due to the “openness” of the cut, color weakness, poor cut and flaws are more evident to the eye than a cut including the round brilliant. Fortunately, emerald cut diamonds are not as conventional as the round brilliant, or as stylish as the princess cut thus, making their prices cheaper and more affordable than other common cuts.

When purchasing emerald cut diamonds you may consider the following suggestions:

· Color: G

· Cut: Good

· Clarity:VS2

· Table: 58-69%

· Depth %: 58-69%

At all times, check the diamond length and width before buying. The accepted ratio standard for emerald cut diamonds is 1.5: 1 – 1.75:1. However, others prefer longer and thinner cuts while others prefer the shorter and fatter cuts.

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