One of the most frustrating, yet rewarding planning aspects of a wedding is to buy all the clothes needed for the costumes of the bridesmaids , the wedding dress and mother of the bride. A wedding in the morning on a summer day can provide a number of options for the mother of the bride.
summer wedding day

The morning events are commonly more casual gala that night. Use a dress that matches the formality of the event. As the mother of the bride, you’ll dress a little more formally than usual guests. If the invitation or the tone of the event is formal you should dress formally in something close to the lines of an evening dress. A casual dress code will allow you to wear a suit of loose pants or a summer dress.


Various colors should be avoided for a summer wedding. Obviously not wear white to not steal the spotlight from your daughter. A black mourning color should also be avoided. Some couples prefer that the mother of the bride and groom and combine with a color that is close to the same hue as the wedding party. Since it’s a wedding tomorrow and in the summer, lighter colors are appropriate. The pink, green, blue and yellow cakes are suitable. The traditional business colors like navy or gray are also suitable.
Dresses for summer weddings can usually be shorter than the other clothing seasons . The outfits that come to the knee or tea length are appropriate. Those who reach the floor are traditionally suitable for all seasons. You can also vary the length of the sleeves. The strapless blouses or dresses may be appropriate while they are well made.

Types of clothing
The type of attire you use should go with your own style and preferences with your daughter. A summer dress, trouser suit or an evening dress are some options for a summer wedding in the morning. Is likely to be hot, so try on a skirt with a short sleeved jacket or a long strapless dress.

The heels are traditionally accepted footwear for weddings. Flat shoes are suitable for the wedding day. The sandals are more formal in nature, so they are also suitable for summer weddings in the morning.

A wide-brimmed hat can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. The jewelry should be minimal and blend with the rest of your outfit.