Wedding rings represent love eternal partner. The ring is a circle without beginning or end, as should be the love . In the ring finger, the ring tells the world that these two people are committed forever. Many couples choose to make their special alliances recording messages inside. These prints can be short, sweet, cheesy or silly, the main thing is that the engraving is meaningful to the bride and groom.

 Wedding Rings

Basic ideas of engraving

Many couples choose a simple etched inside the alliance, as the wedding date, the name of the couple, the wedding location or a passage from the Bible about love or marriage. Many couples have more to say than enter into a ring. One way around this is to put half of a sentence in a ring and the other half on the second ring. For example, if the song of the couple is “Just the way you are” by Billy Joel , the ring of the bride could say “I could not love more” and the husband could say “I love you the way you are” .


Love quotes to record

Some couples struggle with ideas for engraving your wedding rings. It can be hard to find the right words to declare your love eternal. Sweet prints include: “I agree”, “Forever and Always”, “What God has joined,” “The Love is patient “,” Love is a verb “,” can not help falling in love with you, “” She the boy is in love, “” I knew I loved you “and” Dreams Come True “. A couple who are looking for ideas to record their rings can find several websites that provide quotes from love . and are two very good sites to find inspiration in phrases of love . Think Exist allows you to search for phrases by topic or by a particular author.
The silly side

Many couples choose to wear on your wedding rings engraved to show your silly side. Instead of a reminder of his promise of love or a serious sentence, share an inside joke on his ring, or something that will make them laugh for years to come. Some silly ideas include: “If you can read this, put it,” “Do not remove”, “Property of (name of bride groom ring)” and “No, I love you more.” These ideas are fun and cute and make you smile every time the couple read the engraving. The inside jokes are also a usual choice. No one understood the engraving and that’s the best part. The couples may refer to a special memory as their first meeting: “It started folding underwear.” The couples may also be referred to a joke of them: “Because I was thinking about you.” As time passes and life becomes dizzying, the couple can watch the recorded and remember the early days and why they fell in love.