As Rojas bridal magazines looking for the perfect wedding hairstyles, take a break to see in the mirror first before you fall in love with a pile of curls of a mile (1609 meters) high. For women square face: smooth and defined your jaw angles and the symmetry of the upper and lower halves of your face require special consideration when preparing your wedding hairstyle.

Soften your edges
Sensual Your jaw is one of your most prominent attribute, but a tight hairstyle will make your face look too severe for your wedding day. The balance between the upper and lower half of your face look good in elections as the elegant classic French twist or chignon wrapped, but adds some length to your face with a relaxed wicks. Some pieces of hair that frame your face . Another option is to give your classic styling parting to one side and leave a thick bangs hanging loose on one side of your face.

Wedding hairstyles


A touch of romance
If your goal is to soften your look, nothing says cute as soft and romantic curls and waves. The modified hairstyles are ideal for square faces because the loose hair on the back of the hair softens the appearance of the front combed back. If your hair is medium or long, consider breaking the traditional laws of hairstyles and let some waves hang down your back. The extra length will make your face look longer while collecting the front pieces to show your enviable jaw. Increase the volume with a lump or bearing in the front and then your fine loose curls in a messy bun at the crown of your head .


Wedding Highlights
Wedding Hairstyles are not just about hair. The right accessories can do wonders in the corners of your square face. If you want to add a veil to your hairstyle, prevents one ending right in your jaw, because the straight cut will make your jaw look wider. A longer veil or edge waves with ribbons is feminine and soft, just the touch you need to lengthen the face and finish your style. If you do not like veils, you can add some touch of bridal flowers or wire braided beads in your hair. Add details around the base of your hair but place them so that the flowers and beads are vertical , adding height to your appearance and overall shape of your face.