If you want to dress elegant or crazy themed party handbags and pearls can gather your friends who like fashion. Local festivals involving handbags meet with friends and a consultant to purchase bags, but another approach to this is to clean your closet and show an overabundance of handbags, especially those not using. Invite your friends to do the same and you can create an exchange night handbags.

wearing pearls and handbags

Color Themes
A theme of white and black can give you the opportunity to wear a white or black formal attire in all pearl necklaces, short or long dresses and handbags. The decoration of party and appetizers or desserts should work with the black and white theme, like a delicious dark chocolate cake with milk, black and white cookies, licorice and checkerboard cake. A white winter theme is appropriate for the holidays, allowing you and your guests accompanying white dress with pearls and white handbags. You can also choose a theme based color beads assorted colors: white, silver, cream, gold, green, blue, pink and black.

Topics television and film characters
You can organize a themed party classic movie stars and television or cultural icons using bosos pearl necklaces and hand, as Lucy from “I Love Lucy”, Miss Piggie, Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. This allows you to wear your pearls and handbags in the atmosphere of a costume party. They can play a guessing giving each guest a sheet of paper waste and taking turns in “interviewing” other guests. Direct questions about who are disguised are prohibited in this game.

Topics of places
A Las Vegas themed party or casino can get your guests to dress with pearls and dazzling colorful suits or elegant dresses, elegant pearls and handbags. Bright streamers can hang from the walls, set up a table and play poker or 21. Serve snacks like cheese and crackers or shrimp and cocktail sauce. You could also organize an elegant English-style tea party, serving tea, scones, pastries and cakes, where the beads are simply de rigueur.

Hot Topics decades
Hand bags and beaded necklaces were fashionable in the 1920s, when women dressed in costumes carefully matched for color and vibrant. The “flapper”, the rebels of the 1920s, wore their pearls long with short dresses and loose. For a themed party of the 20s could play jazz or big band and practice Charleston. You could also organize a themed party elegant 50s, mixing pearl necklaces and bags Strapless poodle skirts and cashmere sweaters.