The use of pearl jewelry the right way will help you look sophisticated and fashionable, and less like your grandmother. The beads can be used at any age, and still look contemporary, using these simple rules. His seemingly simple, but elegant, pearls makes good accessories for the office, at night and even when you do daily errands.

wear pearls

Use classic pearls for the office
Opt for simple pieces to wear to the office. The use of a thread adds sparkle and sophistication to your outfit. Pearl necklaces for office should not fall beyond your bust line, and should complement, but not overpower, your look completely. It combines a short strand of pearls with a business suit, or involves a long string of pearls around your wrist. Use bead earrings with your work clothes. To look professional, do not use more than one accessory of pearls at the same time. For example, links the pearl necklace with a pearl bracelet and earrings. You want your client to focus on your work, not your jewelry.

Choose pearls decorated for evening events

The pearls create an elegant and feminine when paired with an evening gown. Opt for colored pieces, large and long when you wear a solid color dress or suit small pearls when wearing elaborately embellished. At night, wear necklaces, earrings and bracelets in combination. If you wear your hair up, opt for ornate dangling earrings. If your evening attire is sleeveless, choose a combination of pearl necklace and bracelet.

Add to modernize pearls pendants
By adding a pendant to a necklace of pearls, make sure the collar can support the weight of the pendant. The slope will be the focus of the collar, therefore, should match the color scheme of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a red suit, seeking a pendant with shades of red. If you’re wearing clothes brown or black, you can choose any color from hanging, however, coincides with the pendant for bag or shoes to a brilliant effect.

Use beads fashion with everyday clothing

With the suit every day, have some fun with your pearl jewelry. If you pair one stylish top with jeans, add the beads to create a modern and trendy look. Choose beads, different colors or thick layers of pearls. With daily outfit, do not wear pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets together or dominate your appearance making you look too groomed. If you have short hair or wear your hair up, use pearl earrings to draw attention to your neck and face. Use long strings of different colors or pearl necklaces with a solid colored top. Combines several strands of pearl bracelets on one wrist with a short-sleeved shirt.

Choose complementary to your wedding pearls

When choosing pearl jewelry for your wedding day, opt for a pearl shade that is close to the tone of your wedding dress. Pearls look like antiques or cream give an elegant look with a dress white or cream color. The white pearls complement white wedding dress. Do not use a pearl necklace that is too long or too numerous. The focus should be on you and your clothing, not accessories. A pearl necklace should be placed just below the collarbone. The dangling pearl earrings will be very romantic slightly if combined with a sophisticated brushed up. A simple single strand of pearls around your wrist will enhance the beauty of a wedding dress without sleeves.