So you’ve taken a fierce dress sexy black (LBD) and you’re not quite sure how to wear it? No problem. As long as the dress fits you well be a cinch to achieve and increase your sex appeal instantly. That’s the beauty of the dress simple and sexy black, does not take much to make it look great.


sexy black dress



Choose your heels. You have a lot of leeway if your dress is a fabric, solid and matte. But if you want to look really hot, give a chance to your skin color heels. The higher the heel, the better for the dress and those skin color will make your legs look super long. Addition will match with your dress , no matter what style or cut have.

Choose your jewelry. A dress strapless need a pair of dramatic chandelier earrings. Her hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail to show off your neck and shoulders. The suitors cry in your hair playful and sexy team. If it has sleeves and a deep V neckline, yowza, use a bold necklace to draw attention to your neckline. It is better to let one single heart-shaped. You will show your girls very well apart and pushing them upwards. Use a cocktail ring out of control or layers of bracelets.
Choose your makeup. Sensual is not just about the¬†dress , shoes and hair, oh no. A woman’s touch super feminine begins with how to enhance your features with makeup. Are your eyes bigger? Choose the classic style or catlike smoky eye and keep your lips with subtle sheen clear or skin colored lipstick. If it is in your mouth where it is, then of course, you have to pick a red ultra matte mouth and keep your eye makeup to a minimum. Test only with black eyeliner and mascara.

Do not forget the bag. This is something extra, but if not it can ruin the whole style. Keep your bag small, simple and stylish. It should not compete with everything else you have on.