Wavy hair is not frizzy, but is not smooth, but is somewhere in between, providing various types of hairstyles you can use. For women and men alike, there are certain things you can do with wavy hair in all lengths to create a hairstyle that fits properly.

Tips hairstyles for wavy hair

Longer styles and fluids

Women with curly hair may stop growing his locks and let down her shoulders and back naturally. Comb the tangles and hair products used to reduce the natural frizz that may occur due to moisture and heat. However, there is less frizz in these longer hair than shorter hairstyles, as there is more hair oil and natural weight. This allows the hair smooth . Once the hair has adequate length, you’ll throw it back, pick or create a wide variety of different styles that complement your outfit or mood.

wavy hair


With layered wavy hair, a number of styles that you can create for long and short hairstyles, giving some depth to your look. The layers consist of cut hair at different lengths and let rest on each other. These hairstyles should be kept as they grow and appearance of distinctive layers will quickly fade. Wavy hair is easier to treat when held, as it has more weight and upper layers so generally be shorter. Bring wavy layered hair either up or down.

Longer bangs

Women with wavy hair can also take advantage of the bangs, allowing the hair to grow long front and frame the face. Bangs are sometimes a gamble, but can be the perfect complement to wavy hair. However, according to the website Hairstyles Cut, so generally it is best to avoid bangs if you have a particularly unruly hair curled or tends to swell much as it will be difficult to keep it all the time.