It has already begun “BBC season” (weddings, baptisms and communions), bringing both headaches both guests and the protagonists of the event. Short dresses increasingly They are present in all types of celebrations, and although mostly in weddings, were for the day, we can now wear them at any time.

This year the short dresses come to much prominence, and already not intended both to Yes is taught more or less to go to an event of this nature. Short dresses go up his usual long above the knees, becoming mini-dresses. They are suitable for christenings and communions, for both wedding day or night, where every time they start to have more presence, skipping all kinds of protocols.

short dresses

Maybe that before not we think brands such as Mango when choosing a dress for these events, but now, seeing the proposals which we are presenting in recent years, you can become one of our first choices. It is not necessary to go to big brands to find the perfect dress. Although its proposals are varied, we can highlight a set of half-sleeve dresses that every time I like more.

Although there are also dresses more classical, plain and simple, it is clear that this year BDBA opted for pure romanticism . Gauze, tulles, precious stones and pastel colors are the protagonists of most of his proposals. As mentioned at the beginning, short dresses are shortened even more, but always with very good taste.

Pains promise
I think that still there it has been a year in which no me has love Pains promise HeavenCollections. And of course, this year is not going to be less. They always get hit and be faithful to his style, so success is assured. His color palette is very wide, striking and for all tastes, and this year have also opted for those “mini”so fashionable dresses.

At Asos we always find the proposals more versatile and youth. Dresses that after the wedding, communion or baptism, surely you will notice them much use. Multicolor prints, bright colors, various styles… all types of short dresses perfect for each of you.