With a little creative inspiration vintage rings you can do with a mixture of old and new parts. Search shops for antiques, flea markets and auctions for ideas or buy items that can be reused as rings. It uses a new gold band and an antique brooch or pin to create a fresh new design. If you can not find authentic antique pieces used in new vintage inspired trinkets to create an “old” look.

vintage rings




Study the manufacture of artisan jewelry. If you do not know the basics of making jewelry, stock up guides that you can find in stores like Michaels craft. Consider enrolling in a class of jewelry in your local university. Many universities offer extension courses in arts and crafts.



Inspired. Visit flea markets, shopping for antiques and auction of goods to get ideas for your own designs of vintage rings. If you are in Southern California, check out the Flea Market Rose Bowl in Pasadena that has over 2500 suppliers. In Florida, take a trip to the old flea market in Mount Dora Renninger.




Purchase supplies for your rings. The shops specialized crafts offer many of the elements needed to make rings like glue jewelry and accessories. For more specific and unique elements, check out a site like jewelry “JansJewels.com”. This site offers items such as precious stones and pearls, and sometimes provides real vintage pieces.



Buy brooches, pins and hairpins for hair old to use as decoration for rings. If these parts are not the correct size or shape of your rings, you can disarm them for a personalized fit. Combines vintage decor with new bases of rings of gold or silver to create a unique look in its class.



Markets and sells your rings. If you want to make a profit from your personalized rings, with a display rack at a local craft fair. Talk to the owner of a local store to see if he would be interested in allowing you to display and sell jewelry there.