Sell ​​a used engagement ring is generally a difficult process, either because he broke a commitment or because the seller has financial problems, serious enough, that lead him to sell such a personal piece. It’s hard to sell a used engagement ring. Additionally, try to get the price you would like, add even more pressure. However, there are steps that can make this process a little easier.


Ask your friends, family and co-workers if anyone interested in buying an engagement ring. This may be the easiest way to sell a used one. This type of sale can save you some commissions and allow trading directly with people you know in person. You might even consider a payment plan depending on the buyer.

used engagement rings for sale

Announce it on a free classified site. You can try at the national level or at a local exchange. It’s a good way to do it without paying any fee. However, keep in cuentta that, although you could make an easy sale, also you might find people who try to cheat you. You could refuse orders or checks. When you make sales through a website is ranked better accept only cash.

Put used engagement ring for sale on auction site. Most of these sites charge a fee for using their services. You must take it into account when you establish the price. It would be better to use an auction site that allows you to put a reserve price. This way you will ensure you get the price you want for the ring. The security of these sites is higher than any other free classified website and you can choose to receive your money through Paypal or by credit card before sending.

Visit a local jeweler to see if buy a used engagement ring. A jewelry may be more than willing to buy it, especially if you buy them. You must be prepared and understand that they can give you a lot less than you think the ring is worth. If you are selling engagement ring because it is over, and no financial problems, you may ask to trade him for another gem.

Give the engagement ring to a pawn shop if you are desperate for money. It is the least attractive option, since the places you’ll surely Shops pay a fraction of what the ring is worth. Although probably receive very little, is a way to make money fast. In addition, if the ring is a piece with sentimental value, you could just borrow and not sell it.