When it comes to choosing underwear to wear under your outfit, it’s not as simple as putting your hand in your drawer and use whatever comes first. It takes a little planning depending on what clothes you plan to use. Use the underwear right can make you look good or not. Here are some tips to choose the underwear right to wear under your outfit.

underwear to wear



Use underwear that is of a lighter color than your clothes. For example, if you are wearing a shirt or white pants, wear underwear white. Make sure you do not see your underwear through your clothes.

Slims your body with a support under clothing. Use a girdle shapewear under a dress or tight clothing. Regardless of your size or shape, use a body shaper under your clothes for control and support.
Choose your bra properly. For example, to use a halter top, wear a bra that becomes a halter bra. In this case, the bra strap will look tacky. Buy a bra convertible to keep in your wardrobe. In this way , no matter what kind of blouse use, have a bra that can easily convert into a halter bra.

Avoid the dreaded “line of underwear . ” To avoid using a girdle shapewear, men’s slim shorts or a thong under your clothes. Choose a light color.

Avoid wearing underwear or silk satin in summer. Consider using underwear lightweight cotton to avoid feeling uncomfortable or worse, sweaty, which will make you feel terrible.

Use underwear that complements the shape of your clothes. If using a neck blouse with a “v” under, wear a bra that is appropriate for this type of blouse. If you’re using a pair of low waist jeans, wear underwear that does not stick in your back.

Use underwear hold you when you exercise. Use a sports bra and underwear cotton to increase comfort during exercise.