The basic items are an option that can not miss in your wardrobe. Far from being boring and common, basic garments and accessories allow you to incorporate easily combined with other garments with textures, colors and patterns to achieve a good balance.

If you do not want your look is easy to see, the key is to use neutral clothes that are in fashion. Watch these essentials for your outfit that are trendy!

trendy outfit

1. Neutral Suit

The suit is a fashion trend and can become a basic garment to style your look. If a smooth color is perfect for using swaged fittings, like an animal print clutch.

For a chic office look, choose a fitted suit in a neutral color that is easy to combine and you can use for different looks.

2. black Blazer

The black blazer is a classic yet timeless and never boring. Therefore you should not hesitate to incorporate.

With jeans and a blouse, overalls, shorts or dress, blazer always make you look stylish.

3. Trench

The trench coat is a classic par excellence, but far from boring, it gives your look a touch of fashion style.

You can combine the coat for a casual daytime look, for work or for an evening look.

4. White Blouse

The white blouse is not a boring basics. It is easy to combine and balance helps give flashy clothes and colorful patterned pants or skirts.

But you can also combine it with skinny jeans and an attractive necklace and have a great look with little effort.

5. Leather Pants

If you want a trendy basic garment, leather pants are the best choice. Attractive and stylish, they can be part of all your looks.

You can combine them with baggy shirts with crop top or blouses, and will always give you an edgy touch to your look definitely worth it.

6. Asymmetric Skirt

Today, asymmetrical cuts are the big trend of fashion and an attractive option for basic wear your clothes in neutral tones. Join your wardrobe an asymmetrical skirt in a neutral shade like black, blue or nude. You can combine it with a shirt printed for the day or a crop top for the night and have a look with style.

The basic garments do not have to be boring, you can choose designs and fashion forward styles to give an original and attractive touch to your garments.