White trend this spring-summer 2013 is already not is nothing new. All know that it is a color that is very successful during the summer months, but this year with more reason.

It is easy to include white in any styling items, since it is an easy color to match with others and accept any kind of tonality and stamping. But doubts may begin to emerge when you want a look a look completely white, but don’t want to look like a wedding, communion girl or are you going to a party in Ibiza.

white dress

White he is always associated with a style more elegant and formal, but it is clear that you can get all contrasts and styles you want. From the look more hippie until the rock, so dare and looks the most suitable to your taste.

If you want to look a “total white look” with shirt and trousers, not you opt for all narrow or full width, make different combinations like for example straight trousers with a shirt of loose chiffon; or a few cigarettes with a shirt with lace; and even trousers type palazzo with a simple shirt. The options are varied, the important thing is that the shades of white are the same.

But it is obvious that in this type of “total looks white” the key is to Add-ins, and my love to become protagonists. If you don’t want to go neutral white and contribute to your style something of color, add-ins will be your best allies, especially handbags and shoes.

The summer also you can include other nuances through hats, necklaces and bracelets if you want the rest of the look to be white. You know that the black and white dichotomy is infallible, but I encourage you to introduce shades of blue, pink and yellow; You’ll see the life you get to give your outfits.

Do you dare you with white this summer?