Fashion magazines and beauty include articles that relate to the welfare of women and issues that suggest that women look their best. Suggestions on what to wear, how to dress and what style to adopt captivate the interest of women interested in what you offer beauty and fashion magazines. Subjects and additional stories provide women an insight on the lives of media personalities and what inspires fashion.

Topics related to health
Health has a strong presence in fashion and beauty magazines. Related to workouts and weight loss techniques aim Topics keep women in fitness. Related to skin care products are presented, as well as beauty product, to help women to look young and radiant. Health problems are also present in these magazines to raise awareness about the dangers of trends in health, such as anorexia , with the goal of educating women and curb these trends.

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Topics Related to Makeup
Makeup is a popular theme in fashion and beauty magazines. Articles include tips and techniques on how to apply makeup, what colors complement an outfit, as well as new products come on the market so that women look their best. The readers are integrated into discussions of your favorite products and share journal articles that other readers may not have seen. In the makeup section of such journals, emphasizes the type and skin color to inform the readers about the products that are suitable for different types and skin tones.
Topics related to the fashion of the season
Pictures of fashionable clothing fill the pages of fashion magazines and beauty tempt voters to buy trends and popular brands . The fashion of the season is always an important issue, as it indicates to women what colors to wear during the year as well as what accessories have returned to the forefront of fashion. Always include tips on how to put together an outfit for a special occasion, as well as what style of clothing is appropriate depending on your body. Between the pages of the magazines fashion shoes and is also included to complete the set.

Topics related to celebrity fashion
Fashion is greatly influenced by the celebrities and the media. Whether you wear celebrity trends exhibited in a gateway or create your own style, there is always something you can imitate. Fashion reviews on special events like the dresses seen on the red carpet or at an awards ceremony included music. The celebrities also share your favorite products and beauty secrets that make them look thin and young life.