The concern to keep our moisturized face and in perfect condition will increase as we age and begin to show the first signs of aging. So much so that many people turn to all products industrial cosmetics that may appear to keep young, they do not know is that in many cases, these industrial cosmetics can do more harm than good because of the huge amount of chemicals they contain.

homemade facial mask

This is where comes into play homemade natural cosmetics, which undoubtedly is shown as the best solution to shelve industrial cosmetics, and containing endless directly related to health benefits, the environment and responsible consumption. Therefore it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to natural cosmetics. So we thought it would be interesting to conduct a post in us to give a series of tips to prepare a homemade facial mask and enjoy all its benefits.

What are the best ingredients to make homemade masks?

When preparing your own home for facemasks are many ingredients that can recur, although we should mention clays above the rest, as they are possibly the ingredient in its composition, it provides the greatest benefits. Do not forget that the clays are disinfectants, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and soothing. The most perfect clay for masks are white clay or kaolin, green clay and red clay although contain very similar properties including the fact is that some are better suited to one or the other mask. But besides clays are many other ingredients that can resort to homemade facial masks preparation, such as fruit, powdered milk, egg, herbs and much more you can find in your kitchen.

The most popular homemade masks

There are several different types of mask to choose. Tension homemade facial mask should be applied wet to dry can cause the effect of stress on the face, improving blood circulation and cellular nutrition. Firming mask: like the tension should be applied to dry wet to cause tension and reaffirm tissues. Exfoliating mask: perfect to end with dead cells and secretions that form on the skin.

Moisturizing mask: prevents the evaporation of water that covers our skin with a protective barrier that helps eliminate wrinkles and reaffirmation of the lines. Stimulating mask: this mask stimulates the capillaries of the surface of the dermis and greatly enhances tissue nutrition. Mask lightening effect absorbs melanin that may have more on his face, fighting spots and freckles. The mask refreshing as its name indicates, focuses on promoting cell renewal by removing dead cells from the surface layer.