Sleep. We all think we’d like a bit more every night – or even into the morning if we’re lucky enough – but how do you deal with getting the best beauty sleep that you can?

There are so many ways that have been suggested to get the best possible sleep, but you have to remember that everyone is different in how they are able to relax and go to sleep. Physical tiredness can be a great way of being able to gently collapse after a hard day’s work, but if you have problems agitating you, such as work, financial or personal troubles, then sleep can sometimes be hard to find.

You can make a difference by some of the things you do, so let’s look at some of these to get you in the mood for a good night’s beauty sleep:

Getting a healthy sleep regime

Most of us probably don’t think that hard about our sleep regime. You may be part of that denial, but it’s actually quite simple if you just put a few things into place.

  • If you’ve ever sat up watching TV just because it’s there, then think again. You don’t really need it late at night, so why not set an alarm for going to bed and stick to it?
  • Cut down or stop drinking alcohol before you go to bed. It can feel it helps you to go to sleep but the chances are you’ll wake up more often once that pleasant buzz has worn off.
  • Keep warm. It may sound obvious but if you’re cold during the night, you may find that it’s more difficult to go to sleep, and you may wake up when your body tells you it wants to be warmer. Make sure you have a good duvet and other covers on your bed, and wear pajamas or a nightdress and, to keep your feet warm, clean socks. Hot water bottles are good too if you don’t have an electric blanket.
  • Cut down on the light in the bedroom. We all like light but it’s not a good idea during the night. It can disturb you and interfere with your beauty sleep. Natural light is beneficial when you want it, but when it comes to nighttime you need to work out how to shut it out. Controlling the natural light that comes in is an essential part of making your bedroom dark enough for good sleep. Modern window shutters are an ideal way of ensuring you get that darkness. Not only are they stylish and effective, they can cut out a light source even in the summer months.

There are many other ways to help you get your perfect beauty sleep. Options such as taking a relaxing warm bath, making sure your mattress is really comfortable and banning your canine and feline pets from the bedroom (they twitch, make noises and can set off allergies) could help you with your sleep.

Take the time to work out what’s best for you and yours, and go for it.