With only just turned 21, Kendall Jenner and has absolutely everything to feel satisfied and proud of herself. She was born into one of the most famous families in the world but from a young age.

She set out to excel and not live at the expense of family fame. In addition, with effort and commitment, he managed to proclaim himself as one of the most recognized models and coveted around the world.

In addition, the merit is only his since being introverted and low profile always had difficulty fitting into the Kardashian clan.


Remember: finding your own style takes time

It’s okay if you do not know how to make-up or fix yourself at first. Because nobody is born knowing and even Kendall confessed that at the beginning was a disaster. But he did not care much.

She had patience and little by little he was creating her own style without surrendering to the pressure.

Respect your tastes

Kendall raised between lip and false eyelashes thanks to its 3 sisters Kardashian. But she was never too attracted to it, and was true to what she felt: she chose to keep a low profile and discreet.

Just as not everything in life is holidays and leisure as our Instagram profile looks. The bodies and appearances that we see on the nets are often not real.

That is why we need to remember that all we see here is pure fiction and not allowing that to affect our lives.

Learn from experienced women

Whether it is a celebrity or our own mother, all women who have lived what we are living can give us excellent advice. And it is important that we give ourselves the time to listen to them.

Do not pay attention to what they say about you. If there is someone who is in the mouth of all public opinion is Kendall Jenner and so can say with certainty that the best position one can take in front of what others say is to ignore them.

The beauty is being ourselves own style and not allow anyone to overshadow our brightness, everything else is secondary.