Being short in stature does not mean that you are short of style. Women with height less than 1.55 are often left out of the game in terms of fashion, but you can use a handful of tools available to make your body look long and thin to look totally attractive.

tips for short women


Fabulous with tight clothes
Tight clothes are the best friends a petite girl. Use clothes that show your sexy little body prevent miss in oversized clothes, such as long skirts and bulky coats. The shoes combined with skinny jeans and dresses that wrap you in the right places really help you shudder. Wide leg pants are the exception, but be sure to balance them with a tight top and good tacos.

The belts not only show your tiny waist but make your petite figure look much longer. Ensures a thin belt around the area of your belly button and your torso will be much longer, making your body look slimmer. Implement this clever trick with dresses or high-waist garments such as tube skirts. The high belt also looks good with a blouse buttoned it neatly startles a skirt or pants.
Stunning striped
The pinstripes make you look like a sexy business woman, and also make you taller. As horizontal stripes give the illusion of having a wider body, the vertical make you look taller. Use this fashion print professional suits, pants, skirts and even blazers. Top it off with a pair of beautiful heels and have a look that is right for both work and play.

Beware of colors
Petite girls are often better when they use one color garments. The solid colors make your body look continuous, sporting higher. The prints are breaking your figure, making your outfit look choppy and you look lower. If you want to add color and excitement, bags or shoes choose light colors.