The sandals are perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town , come in all shapes and sizes and offer versatile choices for your feet. If you have many shoes it’s time to supersize the wardrobe (the shoes are no longer just for the summer). Use them with pantyhose, stockings or just heat sacrifices for fashion feet, the sandals can be used anywhere and at any time. You can make them look more or less elegant, but try to always wear a sexy and colorful pair that feels good on your feet.

female sandals

The sandals can lead you to new highs and lows and complement any outfit or occasion only with high heels. For a casual day look opt for sandals flat with jeans, skirts or slacks. For a more elegant evening choose a high heel and thin. The sandals wedge fill the space between casual and elegant and give you a variety of options. The good thing is that your legs will look longer and thinner using a heel a bit high, also this kind of sandals will serve to give a comfortable walk along the pier or the mall.

The bright colors of summer are still fashionable every year. Choose your favorite tune from a canary yellow to turquoise nautical, and see how the color on your feet automatically enhance any outfit. Use sandals colorful swimsuit with a sill or a tank top and shorts. For winter look opt for richer tones like black, navy blue or chocolate brown. Opt for a subtle look or a tone or natural mole choose a bright tone like jewelry, either pink or green, so when using a monochromatic outfit.

For the summer thinking about sandals light, as for the rest of your wardrobe. Stitched materials, linens, patent leather or rubber make your shoes stand out and keep your feet light. For winter Fasten to climate change and choose a pair of suede or leather. Leave the sandals wedge cork heel for summer and stay with wooden heels or leather in winter or cooler months to be more appropriate for the season.

You looking for a good casual look? Use flip flops or sandals with straps Want something more formal? Choose a pair without heels, open toe or gemstone details. For stability on your feet with a wedge heel or a wide or firm looks fantastic with heels needle delicate and feminine look. Choose a pair of sandals for a night out metallized or to add a little sparkle to your clothes beach, opt for the brightness and texture for a basic pair look more interesting. The strips with beads and other shiny ped can also illuminate rather ordinary style giving emotion and brightness.