The fabulous skin comes in many colors, but when it comes to beauty , there is a council that is not right what is this? products beauty chocolate on your skin usually look different than how they look on your girlfriends vanilla skin. That’s good, diversity is the name of the game and all the fabulous finds, tips and tricks beauty there for morays girls like you, find what you are looking for is part of the fun.

Use your jaw to test the color of the bases
Ends the confusion of color at the counter and select the right product in the right way: by testing in your jaw. You may have conflicting ideas about the best place to test your perfect base, but forget about your wrist or the back of your hand. Not only that is very old, but is not necessary at all, those areas not rightly represent the overall tone of your skin. Instead of putting a strip or two base approaching your color on your jaw. Mix the colors and it disappears in your skin has your name on it.

tips for brown skin

Choose the deep hues of the last shadows of clear eyes
Stay away from those colors of eye shadows that are too white or pastels, especially if you have a dark brown skin. In your skin tone will be seen as attractive chalk and nothing definitely wrong. If there is a color you want, go with the darker version that feels good to your skin. For example, if you just love the look of the sky on your colleague clearer skin, choose a dark blue for you.
Train yourself before buying blush
You’ve seen that woman before: one that has a light pink cheeks on her skin brown. The scariest part is that if you do not choose the right color, that could be you. To avoid that mistake in the department of blush, makeup artist Robert Jones suggests jogging. Physical exercise is the way to cheat to keep your skin naturally blush. Since there are so many kinds of brown skin, your blush naturally could be compatible with any color from cinnamon, paprika and even brick red. Combine the color of your flushed cheeks and find the right blush.

Goodbye lips are ashy
Just say no to lips that are dry and ashy after you’ve put the wrong color lipstick. The fault is not with your mouth or how flexible (well, at least not always). Are those icy pale colors against your brown skin. Find colors that are part of the families of red, brown and purple and playing with different shades in each group. For example, the next time you look for a bright red for your lips, try on red with an orange, brown or blue base.