We have all heard of trends hunters and we know that roughly speaking, they are people who can perceive the look of the street and everything that is used both above and below the catwalks of the world. Now, what we do not all know is that to be a cool hunter it is not enough for us to like fashion or for our friends to praise the way we dress. To be one must have knowledge on the specific subject and certain tools that we cannot ignore. That is why we spoke with my rain, Founder of the Argentine School of Fashion to tell us the details of this exciting profession:

Tips to become a fashion expert

What exactly is a cool hunter? A cool hunter, translated into is a trend hunter. Its main activity is the collection of information on topics of fashion, art, and social events be aware of new singers, watch videos of sing emerging authors, see the look proposed by celebrities look closely at tribal groups on the street And Internet.

What is there to study to be a cool hunter? It is necessary to be trained and trained in order to develop perceptual skills on the different manifestations of the fashion market and consumer behavior. Being a cool hunter is an activity that comes from the “sociology of fashion”. Do you have to be a fashion victim to be a cool cool hunter? For nothing to be fashion victim is to change the look because I know that it surpasses the common limits of dressing the fashion, I can be “hunted” like propeller of new tendencies, but not necessarily from the fashion victim.

A Cool Hunter is a person who can detect the currents of change at an emerging level, selecting and filtering. From an objective point of view, he is able to understand the meaning of movements and new trends. Objectivity is the primordial point and a neutral look for the making of a punctual work since it is necessary that the person be very detailed and descriptive. Know social studies and their divisions.