The dresses that each season brings Tintoretto help us receive the new season with great style. In this case, the fall-winter 2016-2017 comes with patterned proposals and very bright and cheerful, perfect to give a touch of color to our autumn outfits smooth tones. The mark of incorporates long and short perfect for events that is formal to take at any time of day clothes. Then we discover them all. Do you want to know everything you will find in this collection? Tintoretto dresses come with fashion prints this season with flowers as the main protagonists.


The styles

These dresses come in bright colors and shades in more sober like black always elegant and perfect for any occasion. Red, green and blue complete the collection. Moreover, you find all kinds of styles with transparencies long sleeves French sleeve sleeveless, fabrics like suede or gauze with different lengths and necklines peak, round, halter, asymmetrical also tightest or more flight. So surely find the ideal to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall-winter 2016-2017 dress.

Tintoretto dresses in pictures

In the gallery, you will find plenty of examples of all these dresses that Tintoretto has added to its collection of fashion for this autumn-winter 2016-2017. Take a stroll through these images to see if you find that piece, you are looking for. You see, there are very elegant even long for that event or ceremony you have to go soon models. Others are combinable in your day to go to work or have a drink with your friends. Cool with a sneaker or a leather jacket. What combination you fancy wearing this season?

The new catalog of Toes for spring-summer 2016 includes jewelry from earrings to bracelets, chains and rings as well as bags and scarves for the perfect outfit which is accompanied by clocks in which the spheres take different forms in their interior and add a touch of color. Other proposals are bracelets and chains gold in which different colored stones are added to bring a colorful touch to very hot days.