With the graduation season rapidly approaching, there’s no time like the present to find the perfect grad gift for your daughter. Whether she’s finishing up high school, college or grad school, graduation represents an important milestone in your little girl’s life, so when shopping around for a gift, make sure it’s something unique and meaningful. Play your cards right, and your special grad is sure to treasure your present for years to come.

Personalized Jewelry

You can easily make your daughter’s big day even more memorable with a masterfully-crafted piece of personalized jewelry. A bracelet or charm featuring your daughter’s name or initials will remind your special grad of how much she means to you every time she wears it.Alternatively, a locket containing a treasured photo of you and your daughter will serve to remind both of you of just how much she’s grown. If your daughter intends to join a sorority after entering college, a personalized sorority necklace can function as both a high school graduation and college-acceptance gift.

Memory Book

“The greatest gift is something that comes from the heart” is an adage that parents can put into practice when looking for the perfect graduation present – and few presents are more heartfelt than memory books. With nothing more than some commonplace scrapbooking supplies, old photo albums and an abundance of free time, you can create a touching ode to your special grad.

New Computer

Now that your daughter is headed off to college, it stands to reason that she’ll require a PC upgrade. Whether her computer of choice is a desktop, laptop or tablet, a brand new computing device will enable her to tackle schoolwork with renewed vigor. In addition, portable computing tools like laptops and tablets are sure to come in handy during long lectures, as they make convenient alternatives to traditional notebooks. By extension, if you want to ensure that the lines of communication stay open, consider getting your daughter a quality smartphone to complement her new computer.


If your daughter has just finished college and will soon be living on her own for the first time, cookbooks are a practical graduation gift. Grads who have never cooked for themselves are sure to appreciate having an exciting assortment of new recipes at their disposal. To help ease homesickness, make sure to pass on a few of your original household recipes along with the cookbooks.


Depending on the size of your daughter’s college campus, making her way from class to class may prove exhausting. To help her get around campus without breaking a sweat, consider sending her off to college with a brand new bike. Since many college towns are sparsely populated and feature limited public transportation, a reliable bike will also enable her to comfortably make her way around town while getting some exercise in the process.

Graduation is a time of new beginnings for your daughter. Whether she’s headed off to college, grad school or the workforce, the right gift will remind her of her parents’ love and how far she’s come in life.