Thick hair can be spiky, styling unruly, difficult to manage and hairstyles and cumbersome to maintain. Simply put, the natural texture of the hair can not be changed. Thick hair can not turn permanently thin. However, there are several tricks to thin hair volume or give the illusion that it is thinner. These tricks work best together: a good cut beauty salon with tools and good products right at home.


Make an appointment for a consultation with your hairdresser. During the consultation, explain that you would like to have the finest hair. You should offer suggestions on how to do your hair type, but it can also be useful if you take some pictures of hairstyles that you like to accomplish. Advice may include potential weight loss hair using thinning shears or a razor, add layers to the hair or undermine. Another option is a chemical straightener.

convert thick hair

Wash and condition your hair with products for anti-bristling thick hair when you comb at home. These products are specially made ​​to improve the texture of coarse hair and make it feel thinner and more pliable. Your hairdresser can recommend the best products for your hair.

Apply a serum to damp hair. This will smooth the hair follicle, bristling reduce and remove the roughness of your hair. Be careful not to use too much product, it will make the hair weighs much and become greasy and lifeless.

Dry your hair from the roots down. Use a large flat brush will give you a smoother and neat finish. Holds and dry hair in sections to make sure the hair is completely dry. Any moisture remaining in the roots end in erizamiento later.

Alisa hair with a flat iron. Again, subject and smoothes the hair into sections for a smoother texture. Invest in a good quality flat iron to get the best finish possible and protect the hair. Place the dryer on cold to close the hair follicles and make your hair last longer.

Keep your hair looks thinner with treatments at home cream baths and haircuts for your hairdresser.