The little black dress is one of the favorite items in the wardrobe of every girl, because not only slimming without exaggeration, but it is also one of the most versatile garments you can own. These come in different shapes and styles, but if you’re looking for the perfect sweater to wear with them, you have many options.

Sweater boyfriend
Make your little black dress look a little more casual using a boyfriend sweater (buttoned and with a relaxed fit and masculine) about it. This looks perfect in a cotton dress to wear during the day or go to the bar. To join all the style, you can use a belt on the waist sweater accentuate it.

 little black dress

The cardigan is an easy solution to any problem sweater! Select a chic color, a cardigan or even print black to wear over your dress. This type of sweater will not diminish the feeling of your dress either casual or extravagant, but you will shelter and add some depth to your outfit. The magazine Lucky suggests wearing two cardigans at once! They say: “The elegant sweaters like the 50s are very attractive and a hipster style when you use two at a time to maintain a streamlined silhouette, choose the means to slight (but not transparent) versions rather fine cuts.. Contrast cuts and prints for a bohemian effect. ” This will be very edgy about dress.

Draped Sweater
The draped sweaters are similar to Alternative cardigan with a draped open front and not buttons. These have a wonderful feminine style, if you are looking to add some volume to your outfit, are a fabulous choice. If you want to close this type of sweater, tie it around your waist.

A woven sweater over your little black dress can transform your outfit into a whole new style! If you’re willing to use it as more than a simple dress, skirt creates a false tissue and put a sweater on top. Beware proportions. This will be better if the skirt of your dress is more complete and appears to be separated from the rest.