Yesterday we arrived at the equator of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, because we have very little to enjoy the latest proposals that our designers have prepared us for the autumn-winter 2013-2014 season. The variety is so wide that if we were to choose we would not know who stay.

Parades continue to circulate on the runway and we continue by selecting the collections that most us have liked or called attention. Do we start with the third day of the Madrid catwalk?

the equator of the fashion

Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz was commissioned to inaugurate the equator of the Madrid Fashion Week. Collection autumn/winter 2013-2014, which was noted for its meticulous technique of patterns, shapes and designs. Highly structured garments, with almost “architectural” patterns that reflect geometric figures, along with asymmetric cuts.

This year it seems that our designers have opted for Collections much more urban and easy to find on the street, highlighting the beauty in every one of his proposals. The napa is one of the main materials of their proposals, along with fabrics embroidered with Rhinestones, crystals and feathers. Ion Fiz for the autumn colours classic as the tones are, Earth, black and white; but it also includes Blue and bottle green klein to provide notes of color to their looks.

David Dolphin
As always, David Dolphin brought to all your friends and fans around the catwalk to present her collection autumn/winter 2013-2014. A collection in which white is the only protagonist, including small red hues that break the monotony of their outfits. Proposed pure, neutral and with the classic male designer touch.

The combination of fabrics was the most extensive in their collections. Nylon, polyester, wool, angora, silk, cotton, are some of the fabrics used to create these proposals. High sizes, marked, flyers shoulders into the bottom of skirts, layering of clothing… in short, the style Dalvid Dolphin captured in a collection that returns to triumph over the runway of Madrid.

His “Muse”, Bimba Bosé, was responsible for opening and closing the parade. In the latter case, appeared on the catwalk the only proposal in designer black, crowned with a blanket over the head of the model.

Juanjo Oliva
Elegance and style hopped back on the catwalk thanks to Juanjo Oliva and his collection fall-winter 2013-2014. He appeared very natural and simple proposals that captivated audiences from the first moment.

The dresses were the real stars of this collection full of sweetness, elegance and femininity. Silks and organzas get that elegant touch that we speak and that dresses have a special and vaporous air. The range of colors is very broad, the collection ranges from the classic black and white to red and Aubergine colors.

Juanjo Oliva thinks about the comfort of women and committed to medium heels, which enhance the figure as all heels but not crushing toes after wearing them released several hours.

Amaya Arzuaga
Amaya Arzuaga bet by oval lines, round and sagging shoulders and loose waists, to dress a woman urban, modern and with a fast pace of life. Though the Red is the color that stands out in the collection, the designer is still committed to the classic colors of autumn-winter, well we see proposals in white and black or camel.

Combinations of fabrics that conform to the female body and enhance the best of them. Clothes oversize joining more proposals achieving a balanced contrast.

Duyos has wanted to “pay tribute” to large of Spanish Couture, the female figure and our lifestyle through her collection autumn/winter 2013-2014. Varied silhouettes which in the hands of a great like him, are transformed into unique and irresistible pieces.

Dresses and skirts with long for all tastes, Ruffles, tull, transparencies, layers, hats… all can find the part to our style within this collection. Blue, black, pink and grey are the colors that make up their proposals.