I do not know if many of you will feel identified with the title, but in my case is a resounding YES. Since childhood I have been passionate about all kinds of supplements , I have always seen them endless possibilities, can help you give a look at the touch you are looking for and I think that says much about the person wearing them.

And I do not mean that supplements only shoes or bags , which are a must (or is there someone out on the street without them?), but all the “extras” you can add to your daily outfit. I love hats of all kinds, the handkerchiefs or scarves that I give many turns, the necklaces striking, the bracelets in all versions and above the rings showy.

The crazy supplements

My thing with the rings could be said that it is a little obsession I become crazy! Everywhere I go I buy one for my collection, in which almost all have two things in common: They are quite cantosos and, in general, are very well priced. There is nothing I like more than finding chollazos or buy them on sale. Those that I have “good” are all gifts, although it is clear that sometimes it is worth investing a little money, because there are some bargains to be spoiled at all.

Below I have made ​​a selection of some of the most use rings lately .This off-white ring, I bought it in Natura quite some time and give him a lot because I use a fantastic effort. The bracelet is made ​​of white this winter and what I like me the tacks and I print it off.

This is Tous (a gift, of course!). The bracelet is from my mother when I was young and has a touch vintage crazy about me. Will by imitations original ring Yves Saint Laurent … Menudo phenomenon! I settled on the version of White in red.

This is Bimba and Lola (rebates) and, although it is well seen, at the time I could not like it more. The bracelet is from Pull & Bear and I love their colors.

This ring is pale pink Tous and fabric bracelet in the same tone is Pull & Bear . The other ring brings me good memories, because when I was little and I had one like flipaba. The clock works perfectly and is of Sfera . The bracelet is made ​​of Tous , is a gift from one of my best friends for years and I never take it off. The watch, Michael Kors , is the wedding gift of my friends from school and always with me. This ring-plate is not very clear where I have is I think some market and also one of my regulars.