This year geometric shapes will compete for the top of the pattern of fashion. Black and white stripes are trend this spring-summer 2013, but it has left them a hard competitor, the pictures or chessboards.

The fever came through the latest collection of Louis Vuitton, where this type of pictures were the real stars of all items. Although most outstanding signature colors were white and gold, the black-and-white dichotomy is gaining more strength on the street. It is like carrying a checkerboard above.

The checkerboard fever!

Celebrities, it girls, bloggers… not have been able to resist “charms” of this particular pattern and already we have seen to many as they include in their outfits. Miroslava Duma, Maria Leon and Olivia Palermo, are some of the celebrities who have already worn their chessboards in events and gateways; but as we can see, they are not the only ones. If you also want to include this pattern in your summer outfits, do not miss our selection.

Shirts and t-shirts
The shirts, t-shirts and even jackets, give us the facility include a checkerboard pattern in our looks through versatile proposals. I like to leave a little bit of both black and white and that the options are aplien, although recognize that Bershka sleeveless shirtmuch like. Combines your t-shirt checkerboard with jeans or trousers of colors, and will bring you a touch of yellow outfit will be perfect.

Although in terms of pants options are slightly reduced (not despair, sure that when summer approaches appear more), we can also wear our pants checkerboard, which remind me personally of the arrival of Formula 1 flags. In this case I prefer the shorter version, I think that Zara shorts are much easier to combine.

With the Checkerboard dresses we have it much easier, since we don’t have to think about rare combinations. Black or color, bag, accessories, and shoes and will be perfect for any occasion. The selection we have made, my favorites are the Topshop and the Cabinet of the TV, perfect for summer.