If you are 5-foot-4 and less, fit into the definition of petite fashion. It can be frustrating to find clothing that fits you well when you are lower than average. Fortunately, petite women have several tricks you can use to get the most out of their way and make themselves look a little higher. Not only is wearing a pair of high heels. The fashions you choose can add inches or inches to your appearance.

Buy clothes in the small section of your favorite stores is the best way to find different styles that fit your body well. The garments made for average size taller women may be too wide and swallowed all your smaller frame. If you can not find petite clothing, fashion altered to fit you perfectly is a must to get the most flattering style of your clothes. Or find a tailor who can do fabulous hem and make clothes or save yourself a few dollars by learning to do it yourself.


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Vertical and prints details
Small women should trust the details vertical to draw the eye up and down. This helps create the illusion of height. The stripes vertical , central ruffles and collars pendants are suitable choices. This also applies to the cutting of a clothing. Tube skirts and tight dresses often sport a body completely without swallowing. Avoid large prints, which take up much space as they can dominate small women easily. Instead, opt for some smaller and delicate, like little mini polka dots and flowers.
To create a sleek, slim style from head to toe, wear clothes and shoes in a color or similar colors. If the pants are black, combine them with a charcoal or black shirt and pointed shoes or boots. A dark gray blouse works well with same color pants or skirt and shoes or boots complementary. Do not cut your body in half with a wide belt in a contrasting color. If you use one, you should match your shirt or pants.

Best dress hems for small are knee or above it or those who come to the floor. To maximize the length of your legs, avoid cuffs that reach mid-calf, reducing leg and visually makes your legs appear shorter and thicker. If you like skirts to mid-calf, wear socks or boots the same color as the skirt. The evening dresses are the worst enemy of a small woman, if you want to look taller, so either choose the floor length in the form of suits and maxi dresses or the knee length is more or short. Maxi dress combines a solid color with high-heeled espadrilles or sandals to create the illusion of height. If you wear a skirt that skims the knee, wear skin colored stockings and sneakers for you to match your skin tone for a more stylized.