Natural Gold is a very soft and malleable metal. He often added with other metals or silver or zinc coat it to make it stronger and thicker. The level of gold in jewelry is measured by the value of the carat. The gold 24 carat is almost 100% gold, 18 carat is 75%, the 14 has a 60%, 12 50% and 10 to 40%. The remaining material is usually a compound of other metals and minerals. An acid test is a good method to determine the amount of coating silver used in jewelry or other gold items.


Article gold stripe on the stone black test that comes with the computer. Continued scratching the stone until it is visible a solid line of color.

gold in jewelry

Raya stone with a gold scratch needles supplied with the equipment near the line made ​​by the material gold.

Use the acid test for gold of 10 carat and place a drop on the stripe material gold. Place it on the line of the needle to make a comparison. If the stripe material dissolves gold, have fewer than 10 carats and has a high silver content.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 and uses acid to gold 14 carats . If the line is dissolved, the material is about 60% gold with another silver plated.

If the team does not bring acid test for gold of 14 carat and stripe not dissolved using 18 carat use the acid test for gold of 14 carats . If the line dissolves slowly and leaves a little color on the stone , you probably have less than 14 carats but more than 10, it is likely to be in the range of gold 12 carats . This indicates a moderate level of gold plating on the article.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 and use the acid to gold 18 carat to check the lines. If dissolved, the material has a 75% gold with minimal plating. If the line moves slowly dissolves and color on the stone but also dissolves when you do the acid test for 14 carats , probably has two carats below the test using 18 carat .