Gateways, the haute couture and the contracts are part of the lucrative world of modeling. Tyra Banks and Nikki Taylor were popular teen models who became very successful and continued modeling in adulthood. These two models showed that with hard work, time and know how to give a good interview are all things required if you want to be successful in the modeling industry. Needless to say you get into this industry is difficult for anyone. However, when you’re a teenager, there are a few extra obstacles that must handle before even potentially to become a teenage model.

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Get permission from your parents. If you are a minor, you must have parental permission to model. If not, you have to wait until you are 18 or emancipated them. Talk to your parents about your goals and help them understand the position in which you are. Encourage them to be part of your dream and ask their opinion. If they expect you to fulfill other obligations like school, do not make fun of the idea. Instead, do what you say in order to get their consent.


Make a portfolio. Before hiring an agent or attend auditions, you have to have a portfolio that shows your range as a model. Hire a photographer to take photos of the portfolio. This step of the process costs money. Make sure you have a range of photos that include pictures of your face in the foreground and full body shots. The purpose of these pictures is to draw attention to the company that is hiring and stand out from the other models that attempt to get the same job.


Hire an agent. Once you’ve assembled your portfolio, it’s time to hire an agent local tour agencies or talent domestic as Barbizon and John Robert Powers to inquire about his representation. Understand that these agencies do not talk to you unless at least one parent is with you. Also, your parents must sign contracts because you’re underage. Three important qualities when choosing an agent are past experience, have connections in the industry and learn the business.


Educate. Just because you have found an agent not stop there. Instead, collect all the knowledge you can. Taking modeling classes and hone your skills. Often agencies will offer classes or meet a modeling instructor in your area. Learn the basics, like walking on the catwalk, pose and how to give an interview. Get this essential knowledge will help in the future.


Strive to maintain and improve your personal appearance. Go to the gym regularly and tone your body. Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean you have to be thin. However, you do need to be toned and defined when it comes to physical appearance.


Attend auditions and castings. Once you have an agent and a briefcase, it’s time to find a job. Attend auditions and casting many as you can. Do not be disappointed if you refuse several times. Companies have a default of what they want before they even walk in the door concept. Or you adjust to that image or not. After all, many successful models know they have to get a few slamming doors in his face before a door is opened.