Teen Vogue is a magazine for teen fashion tremendously popular. Regularly has sections haute couture, beauty tips and advice on relationships and celebrity interviews. Teen Vogue hire some people to help with the production of the magazine, especially during the summer, when most of the team goes on vacation. However, there are hundreds of girls trying to get some of the coveted internships available. In fact, getting an internship at Teen Vogue is a great entry into the world of fashion magazines .


Go to the Teen Vogue website or get a copy of the magazine. The website will help you learn more about the journal, its history and current trends. It also helps you learn more about the team writing style.

internship at Teen Vogue


Click “careers” (runs) in the bottom of the Teen Vogue website. The site will redirect them to the website of Conde Nast , which is the parent company of the magazine. Click on the link “Summer Intern Program” (summer internship program) on the left side of the website.
Create a profile on the website. This allows you to send your resume and cover letter. In both, you must write a brief and lively about yourself, emphasizing the virtues you think might be useful for the magazine. You can then look for opportunities to Teen Vogue in worklists. Send these documents will also help you learn about additional requirements such as essays, photographs and transcripts. It is very likely that you have to send a photo of yourself.

Inquiries to the publisher of the department where you want to do an internship, either by email or phone. Upon making contact with the magazine and show your interest, you can learn more about the process to get a job, and some tricks that will put you one step closer. It also helps greatly to know someone who already works there and can recommend. If you know someone on the team, his name mentioned in your letter.

Stay abreast of news industr. Resources like Ed2010.com MediaBistro.como and help you learn more about current news in the magazine industry. The knowledge you gain as an intern can help you as you put your skills to work for the magazine.