Everything old is new again. The fashions of 1980 were filled with bright colors and wild prints. The movies and the music of the day inspired people to wear outrageous styles of the Valley girls of glam rockers.

Supporters of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Blondie emulated their styles of music videos on the street. While many people who grew up in the 1980s and look at photos from last ashamed of their clothes and hair, many young people find interesting these retro styles.

Bleached Jeans

Young put the jeans fashion outside the home when they began to use shoes with rolled up riding in 1950 and have been with teenagers since. And when it comes to jeans, nothing says 1980 like bleached jeans. Both boys and girls wore jeans and jean jackets discolored.

The girls also wore bleached jean miniskirts. Young wore jeans with straight legs and often they put them in thick socks. Jean jackets adorned with round snaps of their favorite movies or bands.

Teen fashion

Skirts and Shirts

The girls wore skirts many other types besides the jean in 1980. Mini-skirts were the rage and the girls wore tight, leather leggings or networks on bright colors. They also wore long skirts, almost to the ankles, made ​​of cotton, woven fabric or shirt.

With skirts, girls wearing puffy jackets with shoulder pads and frequently on oversized shirts. A quintessential look los1980 was a shirt or long and very large with a belt and an open neck shirt fell over one shoulder. The girls wore these shirts with everything from jeans to skirts.

Leggings and tight pants

One of the most common ways in which the girls wore their shirts was too big on tights. The girls wore neon-colored leggings or thick prints in black, white geometric patterns or polka dots. The materials used as cotton satin or spandex.

The boys are also interested in the look of tight pants. They wore tight pants with elasticized legs or without pleats and buttoned shirts, skinny ties, and jackets. The boys were not afraid of the bright colors in the 1980s, and often wore shirts, jackets or ties or pink in various neon colors.

Exaggerated accessories were essential to complete any look 1980. The girls had lots of slaves made ​​of silver or gold, or multi-colored plastic or rubber heaps. They wore huge earrings and necklaces and colorful and wore fingerless gloves.

In the legs, used on their pants or leggings, a trend very 1980s and who became girls wearing leggings culminated in his arms. Both boys and girls wore laced shoes you like Converse Chuck Taylor’s and glasses from Ray-Ban plastic in black or a variety of colors.