Flaunt your beautiful features teenager with a celebrities hairstyle will make your face highlighted. Choose short coats for a super cool punk appearance or blocks in long layers for volume celebrity. No matter what style you want to emphasize, there are celebrity hairstyles to complete any teenager style you want.



The long layered hair style is more popular celebrities among celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lucy Hale. This hairstyle is long and straight with volume. When the hair is wet, and then uses a mousse air dried. Riza hair with a large barrel curling iron and gives a touch of styling cream to tame the bristly hairs.

celebrity hairstyles


Collected with accessories

As seen on celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld, this style is easy and fun to create. With a twist on the traditional collected, this sweet style can be dressed with a thin headband in the front of the head or maybe two. Create a French twist, bun or ponytail with hair. Spray with hairspray and simply place a hair band in the front of the line hair; for two, try one on front and one on the back of your hair.



Flirty pigtails

This flirty hairstyle can be seen on celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. The queues can be used curled or twisted and accessories for a neat style. For a queue to carefree style, curl hair with a curling iron barrel and thin fingers through the curls. Then braid down on both sides. For a more formal look, apply a hair pomade, and then moves into the roots. Divide the side of the hair and separated into two pigtails low; make a herringbone braid each. Finish your hair with a crown for a little style.



This short straight hairstyle can be seen on celebrities like Emma Watson. It is a very short boy cut style, and can also be left over on top of coarse texture or punk waves. Use styling cream smooth down or comb over, wax passes through your hair for a messy style up or placed buckles and small loops to fashion for a nice simple style.