The pressure on teens to wear fashionable clothes

The teenage years can be difficult and demanding. Along with the conflict that enters the relations between adolescents and their parents, young people struggle with the ideals of self-esteem. The desire to fit in and be popular and considered “cool”, the need to be accepted, to be part of the popular group, may lead them to make decisions under pressure….

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid: arrived at the equator of the fashion

Yesterday we arrived at the equator of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, because we have very little to enjoy the latest proposals that our designers have prepared us for the autumn-winter 2013-2014 season. The variety is so wide that if we were to choose we would not know who stay. Parades continue to circulate on the runway and we continue…

2013 ACM Awards, return to have red carpets!

We had a few months of very intense in terms of awards, February and March events, galas and red carpets, and already were missing see pose to celebrities in front of the cameras with their outfits. Well, as you have new release because the ACM Awards 2013, awards from the country music that brought together a large cast of singers….

Wanted short dresses!

It has already begun “BBC season” (weddings, baptisms and communions), bringing both headaches both guests and the protagonists of the event. Short dresses increasingly They are present in all types of celebrations, and although mostly in weddings, were for the day, we can now wear them at any time. This year the short dresses come to much prominence, and already…