Often speak of how they have perfect skin Swedish women and how beautiful older. They have some beauty secrets that other women can also benefit. These range from facials to how to apply makeup. Incorporate them into your routine and see the results.

Skin Care
When you wash your face dale steam . One way to do this is by taking a hot shower, or placing a towel over your head and capturing the steam hot sink. Then be sure to exfoliate your skin. A Swedish mask for your face is made ​​up of things you can find in your home. Mix one egg white and half a teaspoon of honey. Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes. Do not forget your neck, which is not exposed to the same sun and the same dirt your face, so apply your masks and anti-aging creams also there.

Swedish Beauty Secrets


Another secret of the Swedish beauty is your diet. The rose hip is a popular food that is rich in vitamin C, which helps keep your skin healthy and is light. In addition, fruits are high in antioxidants such as berries, are basic in a Swedish diet. The omega-3 fats from fish also help your skin look healthy and youthful, so be sure to include a healthy amount of fish in your diet. These are all foods that can also help you lose weight .

Swedish massage is a popular form of massage invented by Henri Peter Ling in 1812. Increases circulation and helps your flexibility. It is a massage strokes and slaps that helps eliminate any stress. It can be performed in a less aggressive manner on the face to relieve tension that could will I earn in areas like the brow and jaw.


The Swedish designer Jonas Wramell has some secrets. One is to combine the colors with your skin tone. The colors more dark look good on people with oily skin more dark tones more light on people with skin more clear. Use a sponge to apply foundation that creates a matte look. When applying your mascara to eyelashes brushing the inner half of the face, intermediate and external to Arrida out for effect fan. Blush should be applied to the cheekbone area, not in the middle of the cheek.