Some sunglasses Oakley original suit your face whether you’re walking on a snowboard or on the beach . These sunglasses are made ​​to design sportswear. Many styles are square and large, but some Oakleys have some thin frames. By buying some Oakley, do it at a reputable dealer or seller of sunglasses to make sure you’re getting the quality you’re paying for. Evaluates sunglasses and then buy them once you’re sure you have a good option for you.

genuine Oakley




Rub your finger over the lens. Original Oakley have a seal or logo on the lens that is stamped on the lenses. If you rub your finger over the lens, you will feel the seal. A fake Oakley may have a seal misaligned or crooked, and a seal that is printed on the lens without any difference in texture.


Note that the arm of the lens of the sunglasses have an “O” Oakley embedded in the arm itself. The Vintage Oakley does not have the “O”, but say “Oakley” instead. In the frames of the Oakley “O” may be small, but still there. Counterfeits have an “O” are not painted at the factory. Feel the difference.




Look inside the arm to read the text “Made in USA” This text can be embossed or painted. The sunglasses without this brand are probably false, but some authentic Oakley sunglasses have not had this feature.



Check that the lens arm over and seal the nose in sunglasses . If joints feel loose or weak, you may have a fake. The nose piece on real Oakleys can feel sticky, since it is made ​​of high quality rubber. An imitation Oakley could have a nosepiece made ​​of a hard plastic that feels hard and not sticky.



Ask to see the bottle or box to the Oakleys. The actual Oakley should come with a protector that looks brand name, usually cloth or nylon. They will not come without protection or in a plastic bag.