Styles for Teenagers in the 1980s were all vibrant colors, acid washed denim, big hair and accessories like leggings. But above all else, it was a fun and wild farewell appearance and naturalist hippie 1970s. Many styles were unisex, like jackets leather and fingerless gloves, while others focused on the girls as flat shoes and a colorful translucent called “jellies”. The music videos for MTV, artists like Madonna, teen movies and shows like “Degrassi High” became fashionable teen infamous 1980 and rooted in our current psyche.

Abundant hair
The hair makes a bold statement about individuality in the 1980s. Regardless of the gang to which they belonged teens, her hair was generally similar. Girls often wore her bangs carded everyone called the “high five”. The style involved with bangs curling iron that made ​​a single loop. Then curl carded girls that stood up and was sprayed with lacquer in excess. The abundant hair was fashionable and girls also sprayed hair and added hair wax to keep it great. The boys often wore their hair long in the back and short in the front

teenage girls

Denim was fashionable

Jean with a washed acid olavada to stone was a hot fashion statement for teenagers in the 1980s. Many boys and girls marked their pants. This was done by removing the excess fabric at the hemline of pants, bending over the bottom of the pants tight and then rolling two to three times. This created a slightly flared pant bottoms with very neat.

Fingerless gloves were essential

Fingerless gloves were worn by both boys and girls during the 1980s. They were used as an accessory throughout the year and not for the cold. Studded with gems, lace or frayed trims were especially popular. Madonna fueled fury fingerless glove with his wild style label lace and ruffles.


Leggings were the best

Leggings were a hot commodity for teenage girls in the 1980s. The most popular were colored bright pink or green and is used with translucent colored shoes and rubber shoes you plan, called “Jellies”. The leggings were worn under skirts, leggings or bare legs.

Leather jackets marked the style

The jackets leather were popular in the 80s for both sexes. The jackets of dark brown and black leather were often decorated conn additional closures on sleeves, rhinestones or other faux jewels to add extra touch with accessories. Many girls finished off an outfit of mini skirt, leggings, big hair, heavy eye makeup, big hoop earrings and fingerless gloves size jacket with leather for a fiery appearance.

Shoulder pads seated trends
Both boys and girls wanted an extra boost to your clothing and jackets with shoulder pads. The girls version was by far the most luxurious and were extremely large. Sometimes exaggerated to the point of adding inches to your natural height of shoulders. The pads were common in blazers, jackets and even shirts.