The replacement of the stone in an engagement ring is not very difficult, thanks to the jewelers today and insurance options. If the ring is insured (or even if not), you can often go to your local jeweler to get replace the stone in your ring. If the stone is lost and was an inherited ring, this can be a little more complicated, however, if you just let go of your current ring, the problem is easily solved.


Decide what needs to be done with the stone of your ring. Are you going to replace a lost or imperfect diamond? Are you going to get a stone ring has its legacy environment but not the stone in sight? Determine exactly what you want and set a price range you are willing to pay.

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Take any proof of insurance to have the ring to your local jeweler. Whenever possible, go back to the jeweler who sold you the ring with stone shirt. If you have an old legacy ring is currently without a stone, you might want to go to a jeweler who has worked with a different article. Always carry your business who you know and who you had a good experience in the past.

Select the stone you would like to place. If the stone of your engagement ring is loose or has fallen, usually gets you replace the stone with same value, for free. However, if the stone is lost and is secured, you can get something different. Discuss your options with your jeweler.

Give your ring with the jeweler, which is likely to send it to another location for the new stone. Back to pick up your ring with the stone replaced when specified by the jeweler usually in one or two weeks. Check your new stone for any defect or loose settings. Ensures stone new if necessary.