Throughout this week we will know the ideas autumn/winter 2013-2014 that our designers proposed to us for the year coming. The truth that has started quite well, look forward to enjoying the rest of parades.

Hannibal Laguna
Hannibal Laguna always It has been my favorite Designer, and collection after collection gets my feelings to enhance and improve their proposals. When her collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 climbed the footbridge design and style began to shine. A collection wrapped in mystery, Baroque and Gothic air or rock which I love.

first day starts stomping

The Red, white, black and green guide a spectacular collection that captivates anyone. Brocade fabrics, garments with volume, combinations of textures and trims with small crystals power the elegance of clothing with many design, elegant and very well maintained. A collection that is defined by “the less is more”, and we could not agree more. And what I say final snap? The black dress of feathers and brocades actress Vanessa Romero looked to close the parade was spectacular.

Francis Montesinos
He was one of the first fashion shows in the morning and that you enjoyed live. Francis Montesinos returned to bet on the floral prints and divided their parade into two different parts. The first part “informal” and with a much more urban design for every day, we did not finish convince. Too many mixtures impossible colors and patterns that we do not believe that they succeed both on the street.

However, when it came the turn of the proposed night, there he managed to capture our attention. Proposals that turn Black with red details, transparencies and pens environment invaded their parts. But without a doubt what got us to surprise everyone is the final performance that made to close the parade.

Miguel Palacio
It is clear that one of the Collections autumn/winter 2013-2014 more elegant that trod the catwalk in Madrid yesterday was that of Miguel Palacio. I think that it would be unable to choose a single piece of this collection, and safe more than a passing you the same.

In addition to Black, the green bottle is one of the undisputed protagonists of this collection. Both colors are combined with a tone of rosacea, which is called geraneo, and that brings warmth to parts.Long, tube, bodies, hair coats skirts, combinations of fabrics, pleats… a collection where the elegance and simplicity are unquestionable premises.

Andres Sarda
Sensuality, eroticism and the Picardy came to the gateway from the hand of Andres Sarda. In your lingerie collection leave you out of breath more than one, and we we love from beginning to end. A collection full of contrasts in which hair and tulle stoles have had its share protagonist as fashion accessories.

Black pieces that awaken our side more sexy, together with proposals on color much more original but just as daring hopped on the catwalk to dress our inner. And stomp with these so care designs on the catwalk, Andrés Sardá bet for successful shoes Jeffrey Campbell personally have me captivated.

As in all gateway, the show is also present, and sure that Lady Gaga has taken good note of hits Andres Sarda used for gateway.