Finally we change of station! You do not know the desire I had of that already began the spring. It is one of my favorite stations, I look forward to change the clothes from my closet and start to wear Spring looks. To welcome you we will learn a new trends spring-summer 2013, the cropped top .

Yes, this new season touches teach your navel with these tops so short, comfortable and fresh. It can be a not suitable for all trend and not like many look gut, but those in love of this kind of presses are in luck.

spring showing navel

It all depends on the type of top, but personally the looks I love rockers and rebels who achieved with these items. The combination that I like most is with shorts jeans or leggings. Do not you think that the cropped top is perfect for a “look festivalero”?

With sleeve
I start by which I like most, the cropped top with a bit of sleeve. I think they are models more comfortable and easy to combine, as well as the more chilly, because most tend to be loose at the front. They are perfect to wear with shorts as I have said before, and even with other garments back in fashion this year, the pichis. The result can be very original.

Sleeveless and fun prints
Here begin to walk more fun and more daring proposals. The cropped top with original prints will become the center of any style. I don’t think that you passes very unnoticed if you’re filled with small bananas or comic strips in addition to teaching the navel. At this point that I like most are the simplest, tops without sleeves and even short shirts.

Crop crop
And finally, the top most short short only suitable for the most daring. We could say that they are bra style, but thanks to its designs, patterns and finishing touches, are perfect to wear with any type of look. Do you atreveriais any of these?

We teach the navel to the spring!