To update beaded crystal chandeliers of the Golden Age, make a thread yourself recycling beaded necklaces that are commonly used to celebrate Carnival. These collars come in a wide range of colors and finishes, making it easy to create a custom spider your style and color scheme. Search necklaces in bulk at discount stores for parties.

spider with accounts


Cut the front of a large cardboard box that is open and easily accessible. This will help give you more space when you paint the wire basket. Use a box big enough to fit easily in the basket while allowing you to reach all sides. Open cartons and place further on the ground.

Place the wire basket inside the box and dispose all the extra parts, including the floral wire, embroidery, metal chain, the kit for mounting light fixtures and ceiling light ceiling in cardboard surfaces . Spray paint on all surfaces using thin layers of spray paint and couples. Let the paint dry completely before adding another layer.

Place all the necklaces on a flat work surface. Use wire cutters or a pair of sharp scissors to shape each collar so that it has a single row of beads. If necessary, use hot glue to attach all beaded rows so that each row is long enough to wrap the wire basket. Spray Paint with beaded rows if desired. Let dry painted rows.

Fill the bottom of the wire basket with wire light battery operated. Bind them twisting floral wire around the wires of the basket. Twist the wires around the wire basket to hold them. Make sure the battery pack and switch are easily accessible from the side of the basket.

Cut a stack of floral wire. Each piece should measure 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) long. Cut another pile of wires about 2 inches long (5 cm). Begins with about 30 to 40 pieces of wire and, if necessary, further cuts. Make a loop with a short wire between the first and second row of beads on a necklace and twisting the wire together two to three times. Attach the top link necklace of one strand of the basket planter. Let the thread hang naturally collar to the top of the basket.

Twist another piece of wire between accounts where the collar thread runs into the top of the basket. Use the longer pieces of wire to place the collar on the place where the collar naturally runs into the top of the basket. This helps to maintain the natural flow of the accounts. Twisting the wire around the top of the basket for holding the collar, creating a scallop. Move the collar to the bottom of the basket. Wrap a piece of wire around the last bead in the row. Twist the wire around the bottom of the basket.

Continue adding rows of accounts until the spider is lush and full. Connect each new row at the same place as the first. When necessary, move to the top of the chain link adjacent. All rows must be connected with the links above chain wire basket, but dispersed over the edge and the bottom of the basket. The final product should be filled with accounts that virtually cover the entire basket. Use wire cutters to trim any excess wire. Examine the spider finished and repaint any areas that need a touch up.

Screw an eyebolt in the ceiling from where to hang the chandelier. Connect the hook from the basket to the eyebolt. Turn on battery operated lights.